Charity - Spreading the Love

I've been supporting a charity that's close to my heart for some time now - an amazing  non-religious-based orphanage and outreach program in Bagamoyo, Tanzania:

I'd like to let you know that 10% of all proceeds of my sales go straight to The Boabab Home and are used directly for the amazing work they do - from caring for the babies, children and teenagers who live there, to feeding a hearty breakfast to families waiting at the HIV clinic each day, supporting families to climb out of poverty and keep their children at home, attending school and healthy, and so many more wonderful projects.

Terri, who runs and lives in the Baobab Home with her husband and two young children, is a really wonderful woman, and a total powerhouse! She works incredibly hard to help the lives of so many families in Tanzania. Here are some of the wonderful things they do:

  • As well as caring for 16 babies and children, they house and support 10 teenage street boys to go to school and training - and these boys work so hard and really want to give something back to their community! 
  • They feed up to 50 hungry families breakfast every weekday at their local HIV clinic
  • They provide start-up finances or supplies to families and widows so that they can generate their own income. They also support children from very poor and HIV positive families to attend local schools.
  • They work hard to become self sufficient, everything is built to save energy and resources so they can make amazing use of the donations. They've been building (and have just moved to) a farm, with all buildings made from earth and mudbrick, completely solar powered thanks to a visiting electrician, and they even have a biogas digester thanks to a grant from the US Embassy, so they can convert cow and goat manure into cooking gas!
I could go on for a long time about he great work they do, but perhaps some photos can speak a thousand words instead :-) If you are on Facebook, they have a page there as well...

The Kids:

The Buildings:

The Farm:


  1. What a good project. Wonderful to know that what I buy helps to support such a cause. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks Jen! It's very close to my heart :-)
      I have thought about going there myself to help out one day, but I realised the cost of my airfares would be much more useful if I gave it to them directly... So I content myself with helping out financially however I can, and think of physically helping closer to home - I'd love to volunteer on one of the many Pacific Islands, perhaps with my sons when they're older :-)