Saturday, April 27, 2013

Custom Dyeing Giveaway :-)

I won't be having a store update this weekend, as my order from Bendigo Woollen Mills didn't arrive! Probably due to the long weekend... I'm winding up some 10ply I have at hand, so next update will probably be twice as big - good news for everyone who misses out normally!

However, I've been feeling bad for those who do miss out - I love it that my yarns are in high demand, but I feel bad for those not quick enough on the checkout button! So, I thought perhaps I could have a new giveaway - one with a difference...

This giveaway will be for a custom slot - everyone who wants to enter can do so here at my blog, and on Monday evening I'll draw a winner: The winner can then order 100g of 4ply, 8ply or 10ply yarn gradient-dyed in their choice of colours at the usual price of $20 plus $6 postage.

This will give everyone an even chance at at least trying my yarns! And - to make things fair - please only enter if you *haven't* had a chance to try AppleSpice yarn yet :-)
I hope this makes sense! Good luck :-)

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  1. Hi Jess,
    I was just going to use my yarn and that made me think of you so came to say "Hi" noticed you haven't posted in a few weeks. Hope all is well.