Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Grandfather's Rose Garden

I've been busy over the last few days - my youngest son just started Kinder 3 days a week so I suddenly have some spare time for the first time in years! I used it well by dyeing up a storm, and this morning I carded a batt from my favourite fibre, Tassie lambswool from the Spinner's Guild in Battery Point. I named this colourway In My Grandfather's Rose Garden, the colours are straight out of my long and happy childhood summers.

As well as  dyeing the lambswool tops, I have been painstakingly hand picking over a superfine fleece I purchased locally, and removing all the tiny bits of  vegetation before dyeing it.

There's something so beautiful about locks don't you think? The fine wave of the crimp, the delicate softness, the curl at the tip...

drumcarding merino locks fibre Tasmania Australia

I wanted to make a batt with both the prepared tops and the fleece, and somehow preserve the locks a little - I didn't want them to be fully carded by the drum carder (or "mulcher" as my older son calls it!). 

After some trial and error I found a technique that worked - painstakingly adding the locks directly onto the large drum  (rather than feeding them in on the small drum) and then running the packer brush over them. I'm pretty happy with the results - what do you think? I added some silk too because I just love the shine and the water-like squiggle of it...

Batts drumcarding Australia merino spinning fibre silk locks lambswool

A close-up of the locks in the batt. I apologise for the poor photography - my dear, wonderful, waterproof camera is not, as it turns out, waterproof anymore and died a sad death at the beach last month...

Batts drumcarding Australia merino spinning fibre silk locks lambswool


  1. Oh my, that batt is beautiful! Love it :-)

    1. Thank you so much! I love this new colourway, I've carded a second batt so there's 100g, and I've gradient dyed some 10ply yarn the same colours - so pretty! I'm not sure I'll able to part with them when the time comes to offer them for sale :-)